The Abbey Food and Bar, West Hollywood, California


There I sat. Drink in hand. At a whopping $10 for a simplistic Vodka Soda, I questioned my sanity, as to whether this was a good idea or not. And then Anaconda came on.

The Abbey Bar or The Abbey Food & Bar as its official title goes, is situated just off Santa Monica Boulevard, in the Los Angeles borough of West Hollywood. Of course, WeHo is a self-declared city, so technically is an island in the middle of a sea of LA.

It has been voted the best bar (gay) in the world by MTV, LOGO and the public, by which I assume they mean the American public, because c’mon, Ireland would be like number 1 with our mantra of “one bar per person.”

Self-styled in a sort of “chic-warehouse” décor, The Abbey has an intriguing layout. With the bar situated between the inside section, the outside section, and the inside-but-yet-somehow-outside section, it is truly the heart of the bar.

Dotted around are a number of poles. As you can imagine, they are used for entertainment. Which on the night in question, was donned by some well sculpted men (and women) showing us all how flexible they really are. Donned in what can only be described as hi-vis briefs, the go-go dancers paraded round, just begging for a bit of cash.

The bar also featured, quite prominently, a number of topless bar staff, who had an incredible ability to coax you (well, me anyway) into buying a potion, which was almost as aluminous as the dancer’s tiny briefs, and probably bigger too!

So, my thoughts on the most famous gay bar in the world? Classy!

Unlike so many of the worlds gay scene, The Abbey had a sense of class about it. An air of, what the modern gay bar should be. It was open and spacious. Had a massive dance floor, podiums and stripper poles all around the bar, table service and was bright.

Too many gay bars suffer from a sort of dingy chic, which may have worked in the late eighties and early nineties, when gay was still underground, and the clubs had to be discreet. But, in a world where being gay is ever more accepted, the idea of a modern take on gay bar is warmly welcome.

It of course, is hard to make comparisons, as sadly The Abbey was the only gay bar I managed to frequent on my short stay in WeHo. The other bars and clubs, mostly dotted along Santa Monica Blvd. all looked enjoyable also. Especially RAGE and the only place, in WeHo, called Gym, that wasn’t actually a gym.

I can easily see why it’s the number one gay bar in the world. Even if I didn’t get hit on once, and the only guy that talked to me was interested in how my mothers hair was so fab.

But whatever, I have a boyfriend. And I had a vodka and soda. Who needs popularity anyway.

Rating: FIVE Stars – honestly the best gay bar in the world.


One comment

  1. gaydtla · December 31, 2014

    It really is a delightful institution!


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