WeHo meets Irish


I touched ground, sun ablaze and the heat almost palpable. I had arrived. As I crossed the tiny tube that brings you off the airplane all I thought was “I cannot believe I am here!”

That was 2pm. It was 4.30 before I actually made it to the hotel where I was staying. The Beverly Terrace. Now it was no Beverly Hills Hotel, but it was actually quite a quaint hotel, on the border of Beverly Hills and WeHo.

Now we all know that WeHo is the ultimate gay capital of the United States. Frisco has it. New York has it. By God Houston has it. But the motto of West Hollywood seems to be “anything they can do WeHo can do better, in broken heels!”


Endless streets of nothing but gay bars, sex shops, underwear shops, gyms, juice bars and salons. With an abundance of this lifestyle, you know that can only mean one thing. Yep you guessed it, unless you’ve the body of a porn star you’d better keep that top on.

Mind you that doesn’t stop people. A man casually got changed at a bus stop, leaving nothing to the imagination but a pair of very small, luminous green, Andrew Christian briefs (by the way he has a boutique outlet amongst the endless bars).

But there’s also something special about WeHo. I felt at home. I felt I belonged. It was like this was where I was destined to be. Now I’ll admit that I haven’t really been to any other gay village. I mean I’ve been in SoHo, but not exactly to the same extent. Plus I was about 14 last time I was there. I have never been to Canal St, or San Fran, or Sydney. But WeHo just seemed so special. It had sun, which, let’s get real, always helps.

The sun brings out the best in us all I believe. Everyone is happier, has more amazing skin, spends more time outside and also wear less clothes. Not that I was looking of course, being betrothed and all, but I adore the sun. It gives me a chance to wear less clothes.

Of course a taste of WeHo had to be had. The underwear shops had a visit. Quite overwhelming when there’s endless assless briefs facing you and you are the only one in the shop! The lifestyle was tasted. I went to whole foods, had healthy street food, and then to the vegan juice bar for the most vile protein shake I’ve ever had and I like protein shakes!

And then the most important deciding factor for little gay; the nightlife. And there’s really only one place to visit as a tourist in Los Angeles. And that’s The Abbey. Voted the best gay bar in the world by MTV, LOGO and the general public, I’d have been crazy to miss up an opportunity to go. And my thoughts? Wow, just wow. It certainly lived up to its name is all I will say here.

A full review of the Abbey will follow in another article.

So what was Irish’s view of WeHo? It would have been heaven, bar one huge omission. My boyfriend wasn’t there. Without him I am incomplete, and so was WeHo. Other than that it’s perfection. It is the best place I’ve ever been as a gay man. It’s perfect for singles and couples and whatever else takes your fancy.

I’ll definitely be back, next time with the bae. So WeHo better watch out, Irish ain’t finished with you yet.

Feeling severely hungover

Irish. X


One comment

  1. CallMeDaniel · December 18, 2014

    Great post! Everything you described is exactly why I’m moving to Los Angeles. Glad you had a fun trip!


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