20% of Grindr Users Still in the Closet

1 in 5 users of gay dating app, Grindr are still in the closet about their sexuality it has revealed. The results come as part of a survey which was carried out by Grindr via their app on June 16th.

They asked 3,000 of its 1.4m daily users whether they were open or not about their sexuality, as well as who they have told and when, or if they ever plan to come out.

The results provide some interesting food for thought. It was found that 18% of people had yet to come out to family and friends, while 6% of respondents plan never to come out. It also found that the average age of coming out has been lowered.

Users in their thirties and forties were more likely to have come out at some point in their twenties, while users in their twenties were more likely to have come out in their teens. This would suggest a greater acceptance of gay/bisexual men.

People tended to cite a desire t be true to oneself as the biggest reason behind coming out, with 96% of people who had come out to friends citing this, 81% to family and 68% to work colleagues.

It also found that over half of men (53%) have had sexual encounters with women.

Read the full results here, and stay up to date with everything by following on twitter and tumblr.

Happy Pride,

Irish x


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