Mass Wedding Takes Place at Toronto WorldPride

WorldPride Toronto featured a mass wedding

A mass wedding has taken place in Toronto for the WorldPride celebrations, which are taking place all week. 115 same-sex couples married in the ceremony which took place in Casa Loma yesterday (June 26).

The wedding was hosted by Liberty Entertainment Group. The Group is taking on all costs involved with the mass wedding, excluding the cost of getting a Toronto Marriage licence. The ceremony was a religious one, however the couples were entitled to a civil ceremony if they so wished.

It began with an official greeting from Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, before the ceremony. There were people of twelve different denominations including Humanist, Sikh, Muslim and more.

The mass wedding tried to break the world record for the most weddings taking place at the same time. The aim was to have over 130 couples taking part, however the final number fell just short. However it is still believed to be the largest wedding ever in North America.

A statement on the official website read

This is not only an elegant wedding, it is a message to the world… marriage is a right, not a privilege. You belong here.

The weddings have taken place as part of the WorldPride celebrations in Toronto, which has also included a tweet-powered flag and talks from Ethan Hawke.

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