Georgian Opera Star Dropped by Brussels Opera House Over Homophobic Facebook Rant

A Brussels Opera House has dropped a Georgian Opera Singer after she went on an ‘anti-gay’ rant on Facebook. La Monnaie Opera in Brussels, who was supposed to perform with Tamar Iveri next month have announced that they are dropping the singer, and won’t perform with her.

Peter de Celuwe, general manager of Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, made the announcement while talking to  OperaNederland saying that she will no longer be part of the production.

The rant in question focused on an LGBT rally which was held in Georgia last month for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. She was quoted as saying “stop vigorous attempts to bring West’s ‘fecal masses’ in the mentality of the people by means of propaganda.”

The rant was aimed at Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili.

She has since retracted the statements, claiming that it wasn’t her but in fact her husband that wrote the Facebook post. “My husband was using my Facebook account at that time and he is a very religious man with a tough attitude towards gay people.”

“I have been working with gay people and some of them are very dear friends. All of them can confirm that I never lost a word that might associate me with homophobic ideas.  I respect every single human being and I am against all kind of descrimination (sic) and violence.”

She is set to take part in Opera Australia’s reworking of Othello. The company released a statement about the issue stating ”

Opera Australia has become aware in the past 24 hours, of the media and social media coverage of comments reported to have been made by soprano Tamar Iveri. Rehearsals and performances at Opera Australia are continuing as planned.”

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