Netherlands “Gay Village” A Hoax

The Netherlands IS NOT building a gay village

The Netherlands IS NOT building a gay village

Yesterday it was reported that a developer in The Netherlands had decided to build an “LGBT-Only” village, citing polls that 22% of people felt unsafe in their own neighbourhoods. It was to be constructed in Tillburg.

Many officials had welcomed the news, along with a wide variety of news sources reporting the story across the world. The reaction on twitter from the public was less than positive however.

But the story has since been revealed as an elaborate hoax by an LGBT organisation trying to raise awareness about homophobia and other LGBT issues. Roze Maandag (Pink Monday), an LGBT Charity set up the hoax and managed to get leading officials to play along, to raise awareness.

The group has now post a message on its website which reads “Although Gay Village is not real, intolerance against the gay community is.”

The negative reaction, to which many said was a step backward for the LGBT Community was welcomed by Rose Maandag who said that it showed “the effect that a gay village is indeed ‘ridiculous.'”

A spokesperson for the organisation, which hosts a one day fair in Tillburg every year for LGBT people said

We are happy with the thousands of negative, and the fewer positive, reactions. It is great to hear that the majority is against the idea. All we wanted was to create an awareness, and we are certain that we succeeded in this

They sure had us going. Leave your thoughts below in the comments and don’t forget you can follow on twitter and tumblr.


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