Gay Village for Netherlands

A gay village has been proposed for The Netherlands

The Netherlands have announced plans to open a new Gay Village, for only LGBT people. The fenced off community has been announced by developer Blauwhoed, to be contracted outside Tillburg amongst growing hate crimes, The Dutch News reports.

The announcement comes as a poll found the 22% of LGBT people in The Netherlands felt uncomfortable in their own neighbourhoods. Toine Nabor one of the estate agents involved said that building an LGBT specific neighbourhood was the way forward. “You can’t exclude heterosexuals because that would conflict with European human rights treaties, nor do we want to discriminate… but you could get around it legally via a residents’ association.”

The gated community will feature, if plans go ahead, a large number of houses for LGBT people. The detached houses would market for around €250,000 each.

The plan however hasn’t received a whirlwind of glowing responses. The mayor of Tillburg was impressed, “A tolerant city is pleased to have a gay community within its borders.” Users on twitter weren’t as enthused, with one posting “So if people feel unsafe… we build a neighborhood. Backwards world!”

It is believed that older gay people may be more likely to move into the community after such successful schemes happening in Madrid and Florida.

The website for the development boasts  “Live in your own environment. Gay Village offers everyone from the LGBT community a tolerant, accepting environment.There is a need for a neighborhood [sic] for like-minded living, with a greater sense of social cohesion and security.”

What are your thoughts on a gated LGBT-only neighbourhood? The way to rid hate or does it just inflate the problem? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Irish x


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