Rainbow Crossing in Brighton Removed

The Brighton Rainbow Crossing, It has since been removed.

Europe’s first rainbow crossing, which had appeared in Brighton, UK last Monday has been officially removed today. The crossing was only a temporary instalment, however there have since been calls to make a permanent rainbow crossing in the city.

Authorities had warned the public that the crossing was only an artwork and that the normal rules of the road did not apply. Traffic was not required to stop at the crossing and pedestrians were warned that it was not a zebra crossing.

Brighton and Hove City Council, the group responsible for removing the crossing said they did so because it was never meant to be a permanent attraction.

The crossing was opened by singer-songwriter, and Brighton native Heather Peace. Peace used the crossing to launch her LGBT anthem We Can Change. Peace said of the crossing “I knew there could be no better place in Europe to create a Rainbow Crossing than in my home town of Brighton.”

Speaking of the crossing, which was located on Madeira Drive in the artists quarter of the city  local MP Caroline Lucas said the rainbow crossing was “a great tribute to that spirit of diversity and inclusiveness embraced by our city”. It was supported by the city council.

Rainbow cross in g are becoming increasingly popular to celebrate pride month across the world. Official crossings have appeared in places like Los Angeles, Shanghai and Toronto with unofficial ones appearing in Tel Aviv and Moscow.

It has since been announced that London is to get its own rainbow crossing in time for pride, which takes place June 28th

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Irish x


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