Mr. Gay Europe 2014

Jack Johansson, winner of Mr. Gay Europe 2014 | Image: Beate A Tecza/

The winner of Mr. Gay Europe 2014 has been announced. The gay male versions of Miss World, the competition tries to find a gay man to represent the LGBT Community throughout Europe.

This year’s competition was held in Vienna with 15 young gay men competing for the title of Mr. Gay Europe 2014.

Of course there can only be one winner, and that winner was 20 year-old Swede Jack Johansson. The Swede was the youngest contestant in the competition and found himself topping many of the rounds in the competition.

As the winner of the title Johansson has the privilege of taking part in many of Europe’s pride parades which take place across the summer. He loves being a role model for young LGBT people saying:

When I got secretly nominated for Mr. Gay Sweden, I decided to participate and make it a summer adventure as I had work the whole summer. And when I won, I realized that a lot of people, especially young boys, saw me as a role model – to be a role model for boys and girls who don’t really know who they are, and to be able to guide them through their hard times has been a true privilege.

The swimwear competition | Image: Beate A Tecza via

“I have received a lot of mail varying from young boys needing guiding to old men needing acceptance. I want to be selected to become Mr Gay Europe to have a chance to continue being this role model, and take my actions of helping others to a higher level. To continue be a person that not openly gay people can rely on, but everyone.”

The top five ranked as follows:

  1. Sweden
  2. Austria
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Denmark
  5. Northern Ireland

Congratulations Jack Johansson

Robbie Lawlor, Mr. Gay Ireland | Image:

and comiserations everyone else, especially Mr. Robbie Lawlor, Mr. Gay Ireland

See and read more on the Official Mr. Gay Europe website. And for more stay tuned by following us on twitter and tumblr.

Irish x



  1. sdlifer · June 17, 2014

    Those swimsuits(?) though.


  2. pinkagendist · June 17, 2014

    How many won the special category Scary-Gay prize? They all look like contenders!


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