Growing Up Gay

Following on from the struggle gay teens face everyday in relation to bullying in schools, here are two excellent music videos to represent this struggle.

The first is by Ryan Dolan, an Irish singer-songwriter who is openly gay. The song was written by Dolan based on his own experience of growing up gay, in the closet and his wish he could have come out at a younger age.

The second is by The Hidden Cameras, a Canadian band. This is their first release in four years and focuses on a young gay person who is also part of another ridiculed sub-culture that is goth.

Both videos are chilling reminders of truths that happen everyday to young people worldwide. Suicide is scarily common amongst young people, especially in the Western World. More attention is need to combat it.

If you are feeling depressed or have suicidal thoughts please talk to someone you can trust, your doctor, or Samaritans. Silence is not a cure. Talking will help.

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Irish x


One comment

  1. This reminds me of my primary school days and a little after where I was bullied and teased for being different from everyone else. It was hard on me, no friends that understood what i was going through. As I went through high school, I became more comfortable in my skin, more accepting of myself. I wish the world would hurry up and just become more welcoming and accepting to what they perceive as different*.


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