There’s A New Drinking Game Especially For Pride

Drinking games are always popular and a fun way to spend time with friends. With so many different ones out there it is sometimes hard to know which ones to play? Well not to worry, because this pride BuzzFeed has got you covered.

As always the good people over at BuzzFeed got their thinking caps on and have the perfect drinking game for all attending pride.

Split into three categories participants will take a sip, a gulp or down their entire drink depending on the frequency and likelihood of things happening.

See the rules below, and check out BuzzFeed LGBT too. Always drink responsibly.

BuzzFeed Pride Drinking Game | Image: BuzzFeed

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Irish x


One comment

  1. sdlifer · June 15, 2014

    Oh god, I’d be wasted before I could even blink 🙂


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