The United States Top 10 LGBT-Friendly Cities

Ever wondered what the most friendly places for LGBT people to visit and live is? Well wonder no more. This question has been answered – for the United States for now – by Vocativ,  the global media organization for the Digital Generation, set out to answer with their new Queer Index.

The Queer Index used a number of metrics and information from sites such as Facebook, Yelp, US Census, FBI Crime databases, Rentboy and Craigslist. “16 Key Metrics” were used by Vocativ, along with information from the Queer index to compile a list of 35 top LGBT-friendly cities.

Speaking with The Huffington Post Scott Cohen, Voctiv’s CEO said “For Pride Month, we wanted to create a useful and fun guide to LGBT life across the country. We started off with a simple premise: What’s life really like for the queer community? From there we homed in on the community’s passions, concerns and daily realities –- and then we started collecting the data.”

Diving into the numbers, we learned new things about known LGBT meccas -– for example, New York City has the most hate groups in the country –- and we found countless surprises. For example, who knew Memphis has the most single lesbians per capita in the country?”

The top ten list can be found below, with the full 35 US cities and more information can be found here.

Top Ten LGBT Friendly Cities in the US

1. Los Angeles, California

Highs: #1 in same-sex couples per capita, #1 in Pride events

Lows: Sexual Orientation hate crimes (98/100)

2. New York City, New York

Highs: #1 in Gay Bars per capita, #1 in rent boys, #1 in craigslist hookups

Lows: Most hate groups per-capita (100/100)

3. San Francisco, California

Highs: #3 Same-sex couples per capita, #3 in rent boys and bathhouses

Lows: Most Hate Groups (83/100)

4.Des Moines, Iowa

Highs: #3 in out politicians

5. Chicago, Illinois

Highs: #1 in Gay media, #3 in gay singles

6. Seattle, Washington

Highs: #5 in gay sports leagues (per capita)

7. Albany, New York

Highs: #6 Out politicians

8. Rochester, New York

Highs: #13 in rent boys sand bathhouses

9. Denver Colorado

Highs: #6 in pride events

10. Madison, Wisconsin

Highs: #4 in out politicians

What is your most friendly place for LGBT people? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and stay up to date by following on twitter and tumblr.

Irish x



  1. topoet · June 16, 2014

    I’d add Toronto – but that’s not in the USA 🙂


  2. Mxtrmeike13 · June 16, 2014

    I have a problem with their reasoning…it says “LGBTQ friendly”…but they only note things relevant to gay and lesbian individuals. I’ll have to read the full report, but it’s looking pretty grim for bisexual and trans individuals. Very frustrating.


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