Beautiful Tribute to Gay Dads

A beautiful tribute to gay adoptive Dad’s to celebrate this Father’s Day. The video which depicts the thoughts of an 11 year old child, hear him say “Some of the kids at school say I have a weird family, because they are not my real parents… But I don’t care. They are the nicest people you will ever meet and they are the best dads in the whole world.”

The video was created and uploaded to YouTube by Hieu Tran.

Speaking of the project Pink News reports that Tran said “There is a saying I learned in my college parenting class: Biology makes babies, but it doesn’t make parents. [The video] was a spontaneous idea that was inspired by my father and some gay couples I know. It is a video to thank all dads – gay or straight – all over the world for doing their best to raise their children.”

This video makes me think about my own future. I am turning 25 years old soon and when I scroll on Facebook, many of my friends from college are getting married and welcoming their newborn sons and daughters.

“When my partner and I have kids, I hope we will work together to be good and proud parents, just like my own parents.”

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the comments below. And to stay up to date don’t forget to follow on twitter and tumblr.

Irish x


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