Andrew Christian Shows Us All We Are “Gay & Lucky”

The underwear and clothes maker Andrew Christian is famous for its support of the LGBT community around the world. From featuring gay models, to gay related produce, the company is proud to show that it is a brand welcome to everyone.

This year the company has decided to go one step further by releasing a video to show all the young people in the gay community that they are lucky to be who they are. The video entitled Gay & Lucky is a celebration of self and how normal homosexuality is.

Speaking of the video Andrew Christian said “The fear, isolation and loneliness that most of us have experienced in our journey “out of the closet” unfortunately, still seems to exist for many of the younger LGBT community and those still questioning their sexual identity.”

We wanted Gay & Lucky to celebrate everyone who has already made this journey and to send a inspirational message to those who are not “out” that we understand your fear and anxiety but don’t lose hope, “coming out” can be one of the most liberating and joyful experiences of your life.

The video is available to watch above. To stay up to date don’t forget to follow on both twitter and tumblr.


One comment

  1. That’s a pretty awesome video, I loved every moment of it. It is disheartening to see how other people can influence someone’s life through their actions. Its good to know that out there is a big happy family of brave gay soldiers that aren’t afraid of showing who they are. It gives everyone else hope and confidence to be who they are.


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