Police Make Arrest in Vauxhall Bleach Attack

A male suspect has been arrested in Vauxhall by police in relation to homophobic attack which took place outside a nightclub in the area at the weekend.

The attacker sprayed bleach into the faces of two men, outside the Lightbox nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning. The attack damaged one of the victim’s eyes, while the other got bleach in his mouth. Both are recovering in hospital from their injuries.

After the arrest was made this morning (June 12th) Lambeth police said in a statement a “31 year old male arrested last night, 11 June 2014, at 2250 in relation to the attacks in Vauxhall. Currently being held at a South London Police Station.”

Mark Healy the co-ordinator of Lambeth’s Hate Crime Organisation said

“I’m really pleased that this man hunt has been concluded so quickly and that we now have the suspect in custody. I’m sure that everyone feels relieved as we head into next weekend. The police especially the investigating team at Brixton Police Station Community Safety Unit have done an excellent job so far. It is good to see how everyone has come together to make sure that a clear message is put out that we won’t tolerate homophobic attacks in Vauxhall.”

The story broke earlier this week when the two men gave an anonymous interview to the London Evening Standard.

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